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Accurately managing contract performance is nearly impossible

Today shippers and carriers use different systems, have different definitions of performance, and contract performance management is done in excel and email with static data. The result is wasted time, excessive freight costs, and lots of stress.

Accurately managing contract performance

A shared source of truth for contract performance

The NYSHEX for Shippers solution integrates data from carriers, NVOCCs, and shippers to provide a shared source of truth for both contract performance as well as future looking proactive allocation management.

shared source

The NYSHEX for Shippers solution begins with either Shipper Allocation Management or via an existing contract with a NYSHEX carrier or NVOCC

Shipper Allocation Management

Connect your demand forecast with your carrier booking data to get a clear allocation utilization outlook across all of your fixed-rate ocean contracts.

All Contracts

Performance Reporting

NYSHEX provides standardized performance reporting for all types of commercial agreements​. Drill down into lane and booking-level detail in order to drive actionable insights. This level of granularity ensures that shippers and carriers know when contracts go off track and need to take action.


Automated Exception Logging

When your contract is off track, our system automatically flags the issue and shows the relevant data.

Exe Flagging

Exception Reconciliation

Our exception tool helps you understand what went wrong in your contract, the number of containers that didn’t meet the commitment, who’s responsible, and any penalties that may be incurred as a result of non-performance.


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Benefits for Shippers who use NYSHEX

Lock in margins

Supply Chain Reliability

Ship with confidence knowing that the NYSHEX for Shippers platform will allow you to actively manage and improve your contract fufillment.

Optimize contract performance

Predictable Costs

Avoid having to place multiple bookings with backup carriers at higher freight rates, carry excess inventory, or even worse, lose out on sales.

Monitor performance of any

Improve Efficiencies

Eliminate the need for manual data aggregation across multiple sources and instead leverage direct data feeds into one easy-to-use application.

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Member Testimonials and Use Cases

Jenny Bartolf

Director of Logistics at BARK

“NYSHEX is not just protecting our business with steadfast services and costs, it’s allowing our supply chain to thrive in difficult times. We don’t have an origin problem, which is a remarkable thing to say in the current state. The forecasting and rolling volume forecast have been really critical to our success.”

Julius Tan

Director of Logistics at CarParts.com

“The efficiency of the NYSHEX platform allows my team to focus on other areas of our work. For shippers who can commit to a consistent volume, I highly recommend it.”

Michael Cohn

Vice President, Supply Chain Division at SDI Technologies

“Thanks to the Performance Monitoring and Exception Management tool, we’ve been able to confidently view our performance with greater clarity, as well as manage any exceptions that do arise with efficiency. Overall, our booking fill rates have significantly increased year over year due to NYSHEX.”

April Zobel

Profit Center Manager at The Andersons

“Using NYSHEX has helped us mitigate our risk and many of the problems we experienced on direct contracts such as rolls, delays, or getting a booking when we needed it. It’s given us more confidence in our carriers and allowed us to grow our volumes with them.”

Jeremy Wells

Director of Inbound Transportation at Clarks Associates

“With NYSHEX, it’s coming to an agreement. You’re not going to measure the performance. I’m not going to measure the performance. A third party is going to do that and then you can have that mutual conversation about what the data shows. Using NYSHEX brings honesty to the table and also brings that transparency and knowledge that what you signed for is what you’re going to get, regardless of what happens in the future.”