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Hapag - Lloyd

Delivering accurate performance reporting is complex

Carriers and shippers often review performance with their own data sets which often do not align. This leads to misalignment in relation to fulfillment, disputes, and assignment of fault which causes unnecessary tension in the relationship.


Accurately track performance in a real-time shared system of record

NYSHEX for Carriers helps improve contract performance by:

1.  Digitizing the commercial terms in your contract.
2.  Cross-referencing all data points within your contract to see who delivered on their agreements and who did not.
3.  Creating exceptions when something is off track and ensuring that the party responsible gets notified to course correct or provide additional information.

Accurately track performance

NYSHEX for Carriers solutions can be customized from our full suite of products

Configurable Rules Engine

Rely on the NYSHEX Configurable Rules Engine for reconciliation of the commercial terms of the contract with actual performance data. Finally, you can see your overall contract performance as well as proactively identify exceptions all in one tool. Additionally, NYSHEX allows for agreed-upon performance exclusions such as force majeure, port omits, etc. for total customization.

Rules Engine

Performance Reporting

NYSHEX provides standardized performance reporting for all types of commercial agreements​. Drill down into lane and booking-level detail in order to drive actionable insights. This level of granularity ensures that shippers and carriers know when contracts go off track and need to take action.


Automated Exception Logging

When your contract is off track, our system automatically flags the issue and shows the relevant data.

Exe Flagging

Exception Reconciliation

Our exception tool helps you understand what went wrong in your contract, the number of containers that didn’t meet the commitment, who’s responsible, and any penalties that may be incurred as a result of non-performance.


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Benefits for Carriers

Optimize your network and vessels

Optimize your network and vessels

Improve vessel utilization with fewer no-shows, and better plan service networks based on reliable cargo flows.

Deliver an improved customer experience

Deliver an improved customer experience

Create transparency, foster corrective action, and allow for quick and seamless resolution with customers.

Increase internal efficiencies

Increase internal efficiencies

Reduce time spent by commercial and customer experience teams pulling reports and fact-finding.

Member Testimonials and Use Cases

Henrik Schilling

Managing Director, Global Commercial Development

“Hapag-Lloyd’s Quality Freight Product (QFP) is a guaranteed fulfillment contract specifically tailored to our customer’s needs, and we will now be able to enhance the customer experience thanks to this partnership with NYSHEX. The solution provided by NYSHEX combines technology, data, and analytics in a way that will help us and our customers to better monitor contract performance and to resolve any issues that may arise. We are excited about this partnership.”

Joseph Dokus

Head of Market Transpacific Westbound at Maersk

“The infrastructure and neutral expertise NYSHEX provides enables us to provide a more predictable experience to our North American export customers. In a world of uncertainty, mutually aligned deliverable metrics matched with prowess to determine fulfillment have never been more relevant.”

A top three carrier is using NYSHEX to make their transactional export shipments more steady and reliable. The NYSHEX technology is helping them increase reliability and reduce the manual workload of their front-line workers.

A top five carrier is using NYSHEX to increase contract fulfillment and monitor exceptions on their two-way committed long-term contracts across different trades.