Why the ILWU Labor Negotiations Should Be Top-of-Mind for Your Team

If you haven’t been keeping up with supply chain management news, it’s important to know that 2022 is bound to bring challenges to logistics, shipping ports and businesses across the West Coast. United States dockworkers and their management systems are about to engage in contract negotiations that could go on for months beginning with ILWU.  […]

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2022 was a crazy year for the container shipping industry. But how can we take these learnings to adjust our strategies for the coming year? In our latest episode, Don brings back Caroline Weaver, Account Manager at NYSHEX, to review what happened in 2022 and what lessons we can bring into the new year. In […]

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In order to know where we’re heading, we have to know where we came from! In our latest podcast, Don Davis sits down with Caroline Weaver, Account Manager at NYSHEX to discuss the history of container shipping and what we can learn from the past. In the episode, you learn about: And much more!

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How do we expect carriers to innovate following the disruptions of the last few years? With service and reliability taking a major hit during the pandemic, carriers are now center-stage with an opportunity to prove themselves as both business partners and technology providers. Last week Don Davis sat down with Pete Mento, former Global Head of Procurement & […]

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