Why the ILWU Labor Negotiations Should Be Top-of-Mind for Your Team

If you haven’t been keeping up with supply chain management news, it’s important to know that 2022 is bound to bring challenges to logistics, shipping ports and businesses across the West Coast. United States dockworkers and their management systems are about to engage in contract negotiations that could go on for months beginning with ILWU.  […]

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History may not repeat itself, but it most certainly rhymes. Last week Donald Davis sat down with the esteemed Lars Jensen to discuss what has been happening in the markets and what to expect going forward. Strikes, disruptions, reduced capacity, rate changes, IMO, new alliances. This episode covers a ton and provides some market context that you wont want […]

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How are shippers thinking about this market? With everything going on from freight strikes to rates slipping, we sat down with James Thatcher from Totes Isotoner to hear how one shipper is handling the changes and strategizing for the future. Don Davis asks the important questions as always on moving containers, carrier differentiation, and whether new services affect shippers perspective […]

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One of the biggest challenges in the supply chain for retailers and cargo owners has been the fluctuations in the ocean market and the significant variability in contract performance. As rates and fees continue to adjust, what can retailers do to secure predictability and performance reliability? Hear from Matt Marshall from NYSHEX, Jenny Bartolf from BARK, and Sherry Liu from CarParts.com to hear what to […]

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