NVOCC Back-to-Back Allocation Management

NVOCC Back-to-Back allocation Management

Improve alignment between Buy and Sell-side Contract Performance

NYSHEX gives you forward-looking visibility into how each individual shipper is performing in order to derisk potential downfalls on your carrier contracts.

Why use Back-to-Back Allocations?

Lock-In Margins

Accurately monitor performance against both buy side and sell side commercial terms for enforceable contracts.

Optimize Contract Performance

Understand if your contracts are off track and which shippers are underperforming – all in one integrated platform.

Track Commercial Agreements

Keep tabs on the performance against any commercial terms you agree to with shippers with easy to understand reports.

Enabling NVOCCs and their shippers to perform on their contracts

Supply and Demand Side Performance Monitoring

Gain visibility into how shipper performance matches up against carrier contracts. This allows NVOCCs to optimize their carrier contract portfolio as well as ensure any enforceable contract terms are measured against shipper performance.

Back-to-Back Allocation Management

Improve contract utilization by understanding areas of underutilization giving your shippers advanced time to fill the gaps in their forecast.

Exception Management

When your contract is off track, our system automatically flags the issue and shows the relevant data. This ensures the party responsible is notified in time to act or has an opportunity to provide additional information.