Exception Resolution

Exception Resolution

Spend less time pulling reports and fact-finding

NYSHEX ensures exceptions are logged accurately and systematically, saving carriers and shippers time, and avoiding damage to their relationships.

Drive efficiency and accuracy in the exception management process

Understand the root cause of non-performance

Automated exception tracking helps you streamline exception management

Strengthen Relationships

Leverage data to resolve exceptions in a consistent and transparent way

Save Time

Carriers and shippers can monitor and resolve all exceptions in one platform

Resolve exceptions timely and accurately

Automated Exception Logging

When your contract is off track, the NYSHEX platform automatically flags the issue and shows the relevant data.

Exception Workflow

Gain full visibility of all the relevant information in one place rather than living in email inboxes and documents. NYSHEX also gives shippers and carriers the tools to communicate directly within the platform allowing the exception to be resolved efficiently.

Exception Reconciliation

The NYSHEX exceptions tool helps you understand what went wrong in your contract, the number of containers that didn’t meet the commitment, who’s responsible, and what penalties (if applicable) may take effect.

Why use NYSHEX


Optimize Your Network

Improve vessel utilization with fewer no-shows, and better plan service networks based on reliable cargo flows.

Increase Internal Efficiencies

Reduce time spent by commercial and customer experience teams pulling reports and fact-finding.

Deliver an Improved

Create transparency, foster corrective action, and allow for quick and seamless resolution with customers.


Supply Chain Reliability

Ship with confidence knowing that the NYSHEX for Shippers platform will allow you to actively manage and improve your contract fulfillment.

More Predictable Costs

Avoid having to place multiple bookings with backup carriers at higher freight rates, carry excess inventory, or even worse, lose out on sales.

Improve Efficiency

Eliminate the need for manual data aggregation across multiple sources and instead leverage direct data feeds into one easy-to-use application.