Shipper Allocation Management

Shipper Allocation Management

Drive better performance across your entire contract portfolio

The NYSHEX Allocation Management tool allows shippers to proactively manage and prioritize their allocation across all contracts in one platform.

Why use NYSHEX for Allocation Management?

Increased Supply Chain Reliability

Ship with confidence knowing you can actively manage and improve your contract fulfillment.

Predictable Freight Costs

Avoid having to place multiple bookings across your carrier portfolio at varying fixed rates; instead book with confidence by tracking confirmed and pending bookings in near real-time.

Improved Efficiency

Eliminate the need for manual data aggregation across multiple sources and instead leverage direct data feeds into one easy-to-use application.

NYSHEX’s Allocation Management tool integrates data from Carriers, NVOCCs and Shippers to provide a single source of truth for future-looking proactive management of contracted allocation.

View all ocean contracts in one place

Connect your purchase order forecast with your carrier booking data to get a clear allocation utilization outlook across all of your fixed-rate contracts.

Improve utilization

Gain access to highlighted areas of under utilization week over week and by port pair to give shippers advanced time to fill the gaps in their forecast.

Gain insight into which bookings are at risk

Rely on one place to drill down into your confirmed, pending, and rejected bookings to understand which shipments are at risk and where you need to spend your time.