Performance Monitoring


Monitor contract performance accurately and in near real-time

Know where your performance is falling off track with an integrated platform that enables action. NYSHEX provides a harmonized view of your ocean freight contract performance that is supported by multiple cross-referenced data points.

The shared system of record for your performance

Singular Hub

Access near real-time performance data for weekly and monthly contracted allocation in one place.

Actionable Insights

Drill down into lane-level and booking-level detail to drive actions that result in improved performance.

Deep Transparency

Rely on less finger pointing with one shared system of record, leading to reduced risk of damaging relationships.

NYSHEX integrates carrier, shipper, and third-party data to create a harmonized and shared system of record for contract performance reporting

Booking & Equipment Data Ingestion

NYSHEX ingests performance data into the platform via carrier EDI feeds and APIs to make your life easier. All data is updated daily, giving shippers and carriers insight into how they’re performing against their contracts in near real-time.

Harmonized view of performance

NYSHEX integrates and structures carrier, shipper, and third-party data to create a harmonized view of contract performance across all parties.

Performance Reporting

NYSHEX provides standardized performance reporting for all types of commercial agreements​. Drill down into lane and booking-level detail in order to drive actionable insights. This level of granularity ensures that shippers and carriers know when contracts go off track and need to take action.

Why use NYSHEX


Optimize Your Network

Rely on smooth cargo flows with fewer no-shows and strategically planned service networks. Utilize networks and vessels without shortfall.

Increase Internal Efficiencies

NYSHEX takes care of integrated data-collection, so you can focus on contract performance.

Deliver an Improved Experience

Create transparency, foster corrective action, and allow for quick and seamless resolution with customers.


Supply Chain Reliability

Ship with confidence knowing that the NYSHEX for Shippers platform will allow you to actively manage and improve your contract fulfillment.

More Predictable Costs

Avoid having to place multiple bookings with backup carriers at higher freight rates, carry excess inventory, or even worse, lose out on sales.

Improve Efficiency

Eliminate the need for manual data aggregation across multiple sources and instead leverage direct data feeds into one easy-to-use application.