Forecasting Management

Forecasting Management

Increase performance with accurate forecasting

Collaboration between carrier and shipper is key to ensuring the right amount of equipment and space are available at each port to keep cargo moving as planned.

Why use NYSHEX for equipment forecasting?

Foster Collaboration

Improved collaboration between shipper and carries helps everyone understand future equipment needs—all in one app.

Improve Scenario Planning

Highlight areas of under utilization week over week and by port pair to give shippers advanced time to fill the gaps in their forecast.

Plan Equipment Movement

Carriers can easily readjust plans in terms of how much equipment and space to make available at each port throughout the duration of the contract.

NYSHEX’s forecast management tool improves collaboration and planning between shippers and carriers

Rolling Forecast Visibility

Shippers can plug in their rolling forecast volume based on their purchase orders to see how it affects their forecasted utilization outlook across contracts and lanes.

Approvals Workflow

Carriers can sign off in the platform if they accept or reject the shippers forecast. Shippers will get notified about status notifications and reasons for rejections.

In-App Communication

View status changes within the NYSHEX application with ease. Shippers and carriers can comment back in forth enabling collaboration within the solution.

Why use NYSHEX?


Optimize Your Network

Improve vessel utilization with fewer no-shows, and better plan service networks based on reliable cargo flows.

Increase Internal Efficiencies

Reduce time spent by commercial and customer experience teams pulling reports and fact-finding.

Deliver an Improved Experience

Create transparency, foster corrective action, and allow for quick and seamless resolution with customers.


Supply Chain Reliability

Ship with confidence knowing that the NYSHEX for Shippers platform will allow you to actively manage and improve your contract fulfillment.

More Predictable Costs

Avoid having to place multiple bookings with backup carriers at higher freight rates, carry excess inventory, or even worse, lose out on sales.

Improve Efficiency

Eliminate the need for manual data aggregation across multiple sources and instead leverage direct data feeds into one easy-to-use application.