Hedging Toward Stability: How to Create Resilience in Your Supply Chain

When COVID first shook the world, one of the biggest concerns of business owners and government bodies alike was its impact on the global supply chain. First, there was an assumed acute impact, which everyone hoped would only be a few weeks or months, but the bigger question soon became what the long-term consequences might […]
Fri Nov J 2021

Between "Risk" and "Resilience"

You've heard these words quite a bit the last 18 months. Maybe they presented themselves to you in the context of the global health crisis. Or the stock market. Or political campaigns. Or toilet paper. But lately, the Global Supply Chain has become the main vessel that these terms have boarded. In August of last […]
Mon Nov J 2021

3 Reasons Why 2022 Contract Season May Already Be Over

Faced with high-demand and the current market disruptions, many retailers are abandoning the traditional pattern of negotiating contracts with carriers in late winter and early spring, and instead are moving fast to lock in their contracts for all of 2022. Shippers seem to believe that swift action in advance of the ‘normal’ negotiating season could […]
Tue Nov J 2021