Today’s ocean
contracts don’t work

The flexibility in traditional shipping contracts makes them practically impossible to fulfill. Carriers and shippers default all the time and it’s difficult to determine who is at fault.

Current contracts

Unclear contract terms with no consequences for not delivering

Contract not fulfilled with negative impact to shipper and carrier

Carrier cuts shipper allocation

Shipper moves bookings to a backup carrier

Carrier doesn’t meet shipper expectations


Say goodbye to your
old contracts

NYSHEX provides the technology and framework that guarantees contract performance and ensures your most important cargo moves as planned.

Committed contracts

Clear contract terms with agreed resolution paths where exceptions arise

Carrier knows what to expect, and allocates space and equipment

Shipper maintains a reliable supply chain

Exceptions that do arise are dealt with fairly and quickly

Contract is fulfilled, both shipper and carrier are happy

NYSHEX improves trust and unites global commerce, making it more efficient, stable, and predictable.

How we do it:

Clear contract terms

With NYSHEX contracts, carriers and shippers are aligned on how they’re going to deliver on their commitments. The carrier knows what the obligations are in terms of service, and the shipper knows what they must deliver in terms of volume.

Level playing field

NYSHEX acts as neutral third party to enforce contracts between shippers and carriers. These rules are fair and transparent, so shippers and carriers know what’s expected of each of them before entering a contract. NYSHEX provides technology that makes contract performance visible to both the carrier and shipper. If something goes off track, the carrier and shipper can identify the issue and get that contract back on track.

Fast exception resolution

Based on a comprehensive rulebook which is governed by carriers and shippers, NYSHEX ensures exceptions are resolved fairly and systematically, saving carriers and shippers time and avoiding damage to relationships.

Proven reliability

0% fulfillment of contract
0% landed cost certainty
0% exception resolution

Leading shippers and carriers trust NYSHEX

Case Study
clark associates

Learn how Clark Associates used committed agreements to save millions of dollars by avoiding 25% additional freight spend.

Case Study

Learn how CarParts.com used their NYSHEX contracts to get ahead of the competition and meet demand with available inventory during their busiest year yet.

Case Study

Learn how Kent International utilized NYSHEX to bring a higher level of certainty to their supply chain than they’ve ever had before.

Say goodbye to unreliable shipping

Start using NYSHEX today to add reliability to your supply chain.