Ocean logistics is hard, and we don’t attempt to solve everything.

Instead, we are 100% focused on helping you get ahead of the unexpected. We strive to flatten that curve, and by doing so make your ocean supply chain more resilient to these changes and your day-to-day more predictable.

Our mission since Day 1 has always been to unite shippers, carriers, and NVOCCs.

We only build products that create shared value for all parties; everyone must benefit. Operating in the center of the Venn diagram is the only way to change this industry.

We don't stop at visibility… that’s table stakes nowadays.

We don’t drown you in data. We provide data that matters most to you, and our technology enables you to do something with it... to take action or make a call that can really help you turn the needle. Data is great, but action and more informed decision-making are better.

We're logistics people, not just technology.

We’re logistics professionals bound by a shared passion to help people like yourself solve the very problems that we couldn’t alone. It’s what gets us excited to get out of bed every morning. We don’t assume we know all your problems, but we do appreciate the complexity. We have a listen-first mentality, and that drives the problems we help you solve and the products we build.

At the end of the day, we work in a people-first industry.

Trust is king, and if you lose it, then you likely don’t ever get it back. We understand this responsibility and over the past 8 years, it’s been the heart of every decision we make and action we take. You’re not a customer; you’re a member. Your trust isn’t given; it’s earned, and we’re excited to prove we are a trusted partner and not another software vendor.

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