The New York Shipping Exchange and MarsEx announce their collaboration

The New York Shipping Exchange and MarsEx are proud to announce their collaboration toward the first guaranteed reservations to the planet, Mars. The MarsEx Transit Vehicle which is scheduled to depart Earth for Mars in the year 2030 will utilize the demonstrated accountability model of NYSHEX to fill each of the 100 passenger slots.

MarsEx whose mission is to establish a human settlement on Mars has just completed the mission concept phase. MarsEx competes with two other private missions to Mars. Despite the $6Bn total mission price tag, passengers are reportedly double, and in some cases, triple-booking with multiple missions. Russian billionaire Boris Vasiliev who has tried unsuccessfully to get a guarantee on a seat to Mars says, “My team has engaged all three of the largest private entities bound for Mars in the next decade and begun the process of making reservations with all three so that I definitely get a seat.”

MarsEx CEO, Mark Schumer, explains, “The interest level has been overwhelming but we need to know exactly how many passengers will be ready to commit. There is a substantial readiness process required for each passenger and we can’t afford a single downfall. We will hold spots only for passengers willing to commit in advance through NYSHEX.” 

NYSHEX, the founders of the first truly guaranteed, neutrally enforced ocean contract, have maintained a 98% on-time in full departure ratio since inception and were thus, the natural choice for MarsEx to ensure every precious seat on the Transit Vehicle is filled. NYSHEX VP of Sales and Marking, Kim Cockrell, says “our two-way commitment process and accountability model are based on proven fundamentals from other industries, and can be applied to any transaction in need of reliability.”

MarsEx CEO. Mark Schumer, says, “Mars is the stepping stone of the human race on its voyage into the universe. A human mission to Mars will inspire generations to believe that all things are possible; that anything can be achieved.  With NYSHEX we will make this voyage as efficient and fruitful as humanly possible.” 

NYSHEX CEO Gordon Downes says, “Convincing 100 passengers to commit to seven months in a transit habitat destined for a hostile planet is nothing after demonstrating to the shipping industry that they can own up to their mutually agreed ocean contracts.”

For more information or to reserve your seat aboard the MarsEx Transit Vehicle 2030, April Fools!