NYSHEX Volumes Grow 2.5X in 2020

According to a Drewry survey conducted in April, as many as 10% of North American exports and 20% of Asian exports were rolled this year, impacting over 83% of shippers. During  that same period, record volatility, and a shrinking market, NYSHEX posted our highest volumes and plummeting default cases.


  • Over 41,800 TEUs were contracted in Q2, up from 28,000 in Q1.
  • For NYSHEX contracts, carriers defaulted 0.6%.
  • Shippers only defaulted 0.1%.

NYSHEX growth

Imagine where the industry could go if we could reduce 20% rollings down to 0.7% overall!

Join the coalition of shippers and carriers who’ve grown to trust two-way commitments through NYSHEX for the utmost reliability!