NYSHEX Grows at 374% CAGR in 2019 and Saves the Industry $6.4M

At NYSHEX, we love to let the numbers speak for themselves. Thanks to the support of the industry and our members we accomplished so much together in 2019:

  • We grew 374% CAGR to 61,585 containers
  • We nearly doubled our members to 606 unique organizations
    NYSHEX Growth
  • Added a new carrier partner for 60% of global capacity represented
  • Rolled out more robust, longer-term block contracts taking average NYSHEX contract size from 24 Teus to over 200 Teus
  • Created $104/TEU or $6.4Musd in value for the ocean shipping industry

    107 per TEU2
  • Increased reliability to 96.4% versus an industry average of 67%!
    NYSHEX Fulfillment Rate vs Indusrty

Team NYSHEX looks forward to collaborating with shipper and carrier members to lift these numbers even higher for the good of the industry in 2020! In fact, with our latest announcement, the sky is the limit for ocean shipping reliability. Learn more here!