NYSHEX Builds Out Engineering Team

Since our 2017 launch, we have seen volume growth of close to 600%. That growth is extremely exciting for Team NYSHEX, but more importantly for our members who continue to benefit from digital contracting. But, growth comes with an increasing need to develop and roll out new product features, like our Binding Request tool to enhanced notifications and reporting capabilities.

At the heart of our growth is our technology and product offering. This is where we continue to invest the bulk of our resources and with that we’ve added a new engineer to our team. We are pleased to introduce TJ Eastmond who comes to us with a ton of engineering experience across multiple industries. Meet TJ below.

Q&A with TJ Eastmond.  TJ shares his background, experience and vision with us:

TJ, tell us a little about your background?

I originally wanted to write for a living. I first learned to code when I decided I wanted to write my own blog tool because I hated Blogger. I’ve been coding since.

I started my career quite accidentally in the fashion industry. I took a job as a full stack PHP developer with an e-commerce company and planned only to stay a year or two. Instead I left eight years later as the Director of Software Development.

I live in NJ with my wife, Melissa and our two-year-old daughter, Autumn Victoria.

What brought you to NYSHEX, what made this opportunity interesting?

It’s a problem space I’ve never worked in, which is usually a huge motivator for me. Also the chance to focus on JavaScript and React again is exciting.

What are your initial impressions of working NYSHEX?

Great people. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the team, and the culture is great. Everyone has so much pride in what they’re doing. It’s contagious.

What are your thoughts on the industry problems NYSHEX is looking to solve?

Still learning about the industry and the problems, however, I am excited about upgrading the tech used in this industry and look forward to see how NYSHEX’s work will improve their workflows and output.

What are you most excited about working on at NYSHEX?

Creating tools and experiences that our users will enjoy using and find intuitive from day one.

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Cat person. At one point my wife and I had three. The first two were rescued tuxedos (Figs and Mooch). The third was a kitten that my wife found under the hood of her car. She heard the kitten crying when she started the engine. We kept and named her Ash.

Sadly we are down to just one of the tuxedos. Figs is nearly twenty years old.