New NYSHEX Member Council Appointees Announced for 2020

We are delighted to introduce the 2020 NYSHEX Shipper Member Council. The Member Council is designed to consist of leaders from the shipping industry. The role of the Member Council is to propose recommendations or updates to NYSHEX operations, processes, and technology – acting as the voice of all current and future members to ensure the exchange remains a collaborative solution for all in the industry.  

In December, all of our existing members were asked to vote for who would represent them on the Member Council in 2020. The votes were counted by the NYSHEX Head of Compliance and the new shipper (BCO and NVOCC) appointees are now in place with effective date of Feb 1, 2020. The 2020 BCO and NVOCC council members are:

  • Glenn BergerVice President, Global Transportation at Restoration Hardware, Inc.
  • Joe Caruso, Director of International Container Trade at Stone Arch Commodities
  • Sean Healy, Director, Ocean Freight at Scoular 
  • Jan Hinz, Head of Ocean, USA at Flexport
  • Anupa Pradhan, Regional Manager, USA at Sealink International, Inc.
  • Carl Varner, Vice President, Logistics at Fornazor International Inc.

On behalf of all our members, we want to sincerely thank those who served on our Member Council over the last year! 

Thank you to all of those who voted for appointments to the NYSHEX Member Council. We look forward to working with the Council to ensure that we at NYSHEX provide the best experience to all of our Members!