Ending a cycle of madness?

Have you ever had that feeling you’re experiencing the same thing over and over again?  If you have worked in or around the container shipping industry, then you know well the predominant feeling of dealing with the same old themes year after year. Themes like rate complexity, a lack of reliability and transparency, volatile fuel costs, no-shows-rollings-blanked-sailings, and unenforceable ocean contracts, etc….

The thing about these themes  is they have a commonality – they all weigh the industry down resulting in inefficiency, unproductive hours, and supply chain risk and poor performance that all negatively impact a business’s bottom line.  When container shipping was born, 62 years ago, I’m sure Malcolm Mclean couldn’t have imagined that the industry would be plagued with these same challenges year after year.

In a recent Journal of Commerce article, Peter Tirschwell commented on container shipping’s lack of an upward trajectory of improvement, “Corporate logistics teams are perpetually tasked with managing their way through a minefield and somehow must convince their internal stakeholders that (container shipping) factors are often way beyond their control.”

At NYSHEX, the focus is on one thing which addresses the fundamental issue at the heart of all the others – the weak, unenforceable ocean contract.  When accountability to a contract is missing so is reliability. When reliability is compromised a series of issues are birthed from the lack of it. The result is an industry that has endured the hassles and frustrations that come from this lack of accountability, not to mention added costs.  In addition, the vicious cycle of mistrust between all players could be characterized as unhealthy and counter-productive.

NYSHEX is determined to lift the industry up with a contract that is fully enforceable. It works! In 2018, NYSHEX achieved a 98% fulfillment rate on tens-of-thousands of containers – that is 22% better than the industry average. NYSHEX brings the technology, process, and methodology which benefits the shipper and the carrier. The ocean carriers provide guaranteed space and equipment at a fixed rate and shippers deliver their cargo as promised. As a result, ocean networks are more efficient. Everyone wins. 

So, the question is, if it’s not NYSHEX, is it guaranteed? 

Join NYSHEX to strengthen ocean contracting.  Stop coping with the lack of predictability and inefficiencies.  Stop the madness of unenforceable contracts.