Can I Use My Service Contract on NYSHEX? Yes! Now You Can!

Many shippers have told us they wanted greater reliability and accountability with their carrier partners, but didn’t think they could use NYSHEX for three main reasons:

  1. “I want to use my boiler plate and direct contracts.”
  2. “I prefer to pay the carrier directly using my credit terms.”
  3. “I don’t want any deviation from my current processes.”

We’ve listened, and have been hard at work removing obstacles so that all shippers can take advantage of near-perfect reliability and the NYSHEX guarantee. None of those objections apply any longer.

Now you can utilize your direct carrier contract. You pay the carrier according to your credit terms.
Your processes don’t change.

Our solution has emphatically proven that there are three critical components to a reliable and effective shipping contract:

  1. Clarity of terms: What exactly are the shipper and the carrier agreeing to?
  2. Visibility of mutual performance: Are both parties evaluating performance based on the same facts?
  3. Equitable resolution of issues: When something goes wrong, how will things get back on track?

Our mutually beneficial platform for both shippers and carriers enables mutual planning, better collaboration and building trust. Here’s how it works:

Beta Flow Graphics

Not only is your overall contract volume commitment now mutually enforceable, but you can also choose to go a step further and lock in specific lanes for weekly or monthly accountability. Additionally, you benefit from validated performance visibility and centralized management of all exceptions according to the NYSHEX Member Handbook.

Beta Screenshot Carrier Agnostic

The outcome is the alignment of expectations between shipper and carrier, the data to inform meaningful discussions surrounding performance, and peace of mind in the dispute process.

NYSHEX Guarantee-2

As you go into your annual negotiation process here are the things you need to know:

  • Shippers still use NYSHEX including all of the new visibility tools for free.
  • You negotiate your 2020 contract with your carrier partners including any incentives/penalties you wish to have included.
  • We’ll help you and your carrier partner set the contract up for accountability and near perfect reliability.

Schedule your demo today and set up your 2020 contracting season for the utmost success!