5 Ways NYSHEX Benefits Carrier Sales Teams

Carrier sales is a tough job. Rates, volume, and space seem to change at the drop of a hat. What if we told you that your job in carrier sales could be less stressful? It’s true! We’re going to present five ways incorporating NYSHEX into your shipping contracts can help you become more efficient and improve customer relations. 

1. Creates Volume Certainty

Carriers and shippers want the same thing: certainty. A NYSHEX contract steers the conversation on real business. This is business you can count on, because both parties have made a commitment to space, rates, and volume. The value created allows sales to focus on new business, not re-handle business already sold.

2. Saves Time

How much time is wasted re-handling business you’ve already sold? If you didn’t have to re-price and re-negotiate existing business, would you be able to focus on new opportunities? You’ll always have clients whose only value proposition is cost, but the value around certainty and commitment (from the customer and carrier) is crucial today.

3. Enables Your Entire Company Can Be More Efficient

What you do as a sales executive directly affects the rest of your company. Yes, every single person. A NYSHEX contract allows everyone; e.g. trade teams, operations, customer service, to plan on volume. The no-show rate is extremely high. Ships are overbooked to manage volume fall down. Customers have said they have to book 8000 TEUs a week in order to load 6500. How do you know that YOUR important customer delivered their volume as booked OR made it on the ship?

4. Allows You to Focus on Obtaining New Business

From a competitive standpoint, a NYSHEX contract allows the carrier to basically take that business off the market. That booking can’t be repriced or re-booked by another party. Both sides have made a commitment. As a salesperson, you can focus on future opportunities instead of rehashing already booked shipments.

5. Improves Client Relationship

When both sides are fully committed to the terms of a contract, neither side is running around putting out fires. Taking the uncertainty of the shipping contract out of the equation allows you to provide better service to your existing clients. It breeds trust between both parties and shows that you are committed to prioritizing the customer.

The bottom line is that using NYSHEX saves you time, money, and a lot of headaches. We’d love to talk with you and help get you started on the path to reliable, certain shipping contracts.