3 Ways Allocation Management Tools Help Shippers Maximize Utilization
Date: 22 August 2022

With 95% of consumers now considering fast shipping as “delivery done on the next day,” according to FreightWaves, businesses are under more significant pressure than ever to provide fast, affordable delivery. However, this unprecedented demand for lightning-fast shipping comes amid a capacity shortage that’s disrupting supply chains and driving higher wages for drivers. Forced between a rock and a hard place, how are businesses supposed to remain competitive in a crowded logistics marketplace?

By partnering with an allocation management software provider, businesses can ensure they are optimizing their ocean freight spending by fully utilizing their available allocation from carriers. These cutting-edge logistics solutions come as part of a fully integrated allocation management platform, making it easy for businesses to access the tools they need. 

Shippers can better understand how an allocation management solution can revolutionize their logistics by considering the benefits afforded to businesses. 

Allows You to Be More Efficient With Your Time

Traditional logistics utilize basic spreadsheets that slow down supply chains. Important details can be lost in lengthy email chains, and endless phone calls can result in missed deliveries and, ultimately, lost revenue. Though these technologies were once at the heart of the logistics industry, today’s logistics challenges require today’s solutions. 

By offering businesses a fully-integrated allocation management platform, allocation management software providers enable businesses to keep track of all logistics resources in a single, easy-to-use platform. Available on nearly all devices as a cross-platform interface, this digital logistics hub can make miscommunications a thing of the past. Businesses can access all logistics analytics through this single, easily-navigated interface, including real-time tracking, freight exceptions, and ETAs. With easy access to cross-platform allocation management software, customers and logistics partners can be kept in the know. 

Offers Greater Clarity With Contracts, Bookings, and Allocation

Ultimately, allocation management software gives shippers the necessary visibility to thrive in a competitive logistics marketplace. Often, visibility is thought of in terms of real-time freight tracking, automated notifications, and other on-the-road logistics advantages. However, supply chain leaders can also apply visibility to the planning process. A real-time understanding of a business’s contractual obligations can give them a leg up on the competition.

Through a single cross-platform software interface, allocation management software can give businesses the ability to access all contracts, and their allocation at either the vessel level or by port pair and then compare the forecast to the allocation. Business rules can highlight where over or under-utilization of capacity could lead to dead-freight penalties.

This means instant access to the essential documents logistics businesses require and the unprecedented, on-demand transparency that costumes want. 

Helps You to Be More Prepared for Change

Some logistics crises are inevitable. Natural disasters occur, and political turmoil appears. Businesses can survive any logistics crisis by investing in the technology they need to face these challenges head-on. Otherwise, they risk delays, missed deliveries, and disappointed customers.

The forecasting and exceptions tools available as part of an allocation management software platform allow businesses to see these crises and address them before they cause catastrophic supply chain slowdowns. These advantages are a must-have for businesses and their customers in an increasingly unpredictable global logistics environment. 

NYSHEX Helps Shippers Get the Most out of Their Data

Facing an unpredictable world, businesses need all the visibility they can get. By partnering with NYSHEX, an allocation management software provider, businesses can access the real-time tracking, intelligent allocation, and contract management they need to deliver on time.

Book a demo with NYSHEX today, and see what the future of logistics can do for your business.

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