2020 Member Council Nominations
Date: 18 November 2019

We are now taking nominations for members who wish to serve on the 2020 NYSHEX Member Council. The Member Council is an integral part of NYSHEX that allows Members to actively participate in the decision making process of the Exchange. 

Benefits of participating with the Member Council: 

  • The opportunity to directly be a part of the NYSHEX governance process by suggesting and approving rule changes and solutions to various issues that arise. 
  • 1000 common stock options subject to approval by the Board of Directors for New York Shipping Exchange, Inc.
  • Annual invitation to New York to meet with the NYSHEX team. 

To ensure that the Member Council is serving NYSHEX to the best of its abilities, Council Members are required to actively participate with NYSHEX by trading on the Exchange and providing feedback and suggestions to the NYSHEX team.

Requirements of each Member Council Member: 

  • Council Members must enter into at least one accepted contract per month on NYSHEX.
  • Each Council Member will meet once per quarter with someone from NYSHEX’s team (typically phone/webex).
  • Potential to join NYSHEX Board of Directors. Member Council Members who have made at least two trades per month for the previous 12 year period will be eligible to stand for nomination to the Board of Directors. 

To submit a nomination, please send an email by December 6, 2019 to j.jennings-wright@nyshex.com with the full name, company, title and email address of the person being nominated.  

After all nominations are received, a list of eligible nominees will be sent to all members along with a link to the voting survey.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

Jewel M. Jennings-Wright

Head of Compliance