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The Supply Chain Secrets podcast explores how shippers, carriers, and logistics providers can develop strategic relationships to help achieve meaningful business outcomes. We’ll be discussing a wide range of topics including contracting strategies, negotiations, allocation strategies, and much more.
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Meet Your Hosts

Sixty-seven years of combined shipping experience. Over 125 combined years of pure entertaining wit.

Don Davis-1

Donald Davis

SVP of Commercial, ZIM Lines

A senior leader for three leading ocean carriers, Don brings the carrier perspective. Read More
Caroline Weaver

Caroline Weaver

Senior Account Manager, NYSHEX

With years of NVO and tech experience, Caroline brings the logistics provider point of view.
Bryan Most-2

Bryan Most

Strategic Advisor, NYSHEX

Having managed Walmart's supply chain, Bryan understands shipper objectives. Read More

Recent Episodes

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Should Shippers Prioritize Price or Performance in 2024? - 2/21/24

Bryan, Caroline and Don discuss the shipper strategies they're seeing going into the contracting season and the pros and cons.

Betsy Ducat from APL Logistics on 3PL Predictions and Trends for the 2024 Season - 1/9/24

It's a new year with a new guest on the Supply Chain Secrets Podcast! Well-known and respected in our industry, Betsy Ducat is certainly not new to honing world-class supply chains and deeply understanding the needs of the world's leading shippers. While Donald Davis may have again picked up the baton to run the carrier race at ZIM Lines, the show goes on! He, Caroline Weaver, and Bryan Most discuss with Betsy, the key trends from a #3pl perspective and 2024 season predictions.


Forecasting, Managing Risk, the Impact of Blanked Sailings, and More with Kevin Parkerson - 10/27/23

Kevin Parkerson, Founder and President of KP Logistics Consulting, joins Caroline, Don, and Bryan to discuss observations and best practices from speaking with his clients, and from his leadership roles at Walmart, Dollar General, and Hasbro. 

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Reliability Woes and Increased Supply Chain Disruptions - What's a Shipper to Do? - 9/28/23

In this episode of the Supply Chain Secrets Podcast, Don Davis and Bryan Most tackle the current market dynamics increasing supply chain costs and causing non-value-adding rework for shippers.

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The Pain Points Plaguing Shippers Post-pandemic - 9/6/23

In this episode, we welcome back our Supply Chain Secrets podcast veteran, Bryan Most! Bryan joins Donald Davis and Caroline Weaver to speak to the pain points that continue to plague shippers post-pandemic, and how to prioritize efforts today to be in a better position tomorrow!

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Truckin’ along with Ian Weiland - 7/28/23

It’s our 50th show!  In this episode, our hosts sit down with Ian Weiland, who is the COO of JCT and aka ‘The Container Daddy’.

In this episode, you will learn:

How does the current market condition impact truckers?
Are matchbacks possible or just a unicorn of shipping?
How are environmental requirements impacting trucking?

And much, much more!

Jason Cook on the Shipping Industry - 5/15/23

In this episode, you will learn more about:

Jason’s journey on how he became the managing director at Ardent Global Logistics

His thoughts on the latest in the market and where it’s headed
What are the requirements from technology and what to look for when choosing a provider

And plenty more advice!!


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Reshoring with Rosemary Coates - 4/20/23

This week, our hosts Don and Caroline chat with Rosemary Coates, who is the Founder, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of the Reshoring Institute

In this episode, you’ll learn:

What’s changed to drive companies to reshoring versus offshoring?
Are there any industries that we see more aggressively changing now versus others?
How should a company get started on thinking about what and when to reshore?

Logistics LogisticsTech #oceanshipping #supplychain  #oceanperformance

‘Snack-Sized’ Episode on Surcharges - 3/27/23

In this episode, our hosts Don and Caroline have a conversation about everyone’s favorite shipping topic – surcharges!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

What’s the background on why carriers have so many surcharges
What’s the point of view of shippers, carriers and NVOs on surcharges
What Don and Caroline think about alternatives to surcharges

Lynn Wong on ‘Health Matters’ - 3/15/23

In this episode, we have a quick update on the market post-TPM 2023 and then dive into the conversation with Lynn Wong!

Lynn is a NYSHEX alumnus, a returning guest and currently coaching, discussing why health is so important in today’s working environment.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

It’s a changing environment - healthy people are more than just “not sick” or “not on medication” or “no allergies” – there’s a lot more to it!
What should you look for as ‘signs’ where health may be a concern and what you can do about it.
What’s happening this year for International Women’s Day and what Lynn, Don and Caroline are doing to embrace equity

2022 Year End Review - 12/28/22

In this episode, you'll learn about:
What happened in 2022 and notable observations
Learnings from 2022 and how we can think differently in 2023
Some ideas for the podcast in 2023 (that we’d love to get your feedback on!)

And much more!


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The Importance of Women in Shipping - 12/16/22

After all the positive feedback from our first podcast, Don decided to get this group back together to discuss and reflect on how global shipping can continue to empower women and strategies on how to navigate the industry as a woman.

In this podcast, Don sits down with April Zobel, Krissy Van Neikerk, and Karin Bridges to discuss strategies to navigate the container shipping industry as a woman.

In this episode, you'll learn:

How leaders can be more conscious in the workplace around exclusion in the workplace

What we need from leaders to have more diversity of thought in our organizations
The importance of talented young women inspiring other young women to take on new challenges

And much more!

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The History of Shipping Part 1 - 12/2/22

In order to know where we're heading, we have to know where we came from!

In our latest podcast, Don Davis sits down with Caroline Weaver, Account Manager at NYSHEX to discuss the history of container shipping and what we can learn from the past.

In the episode, you learn about:

The conference era of shipping and how the industry used to operate

The Ocean Reform Act of 1998 and how it changed the industry
The current Ocean Reform Act and what it means for container shipping

And much more!


Logistics LogisticsTech #oceanshipping #supplychain  #oceanperformance

How Carriers Can Improve Services for Retailers in Disruptive Market - 10/10/22

How do we expect carriers to innovate following the disruptions of the last few years?

With service and reliability taking a major hit during the pandemic, carriers are now center-stage with an opportunity to prove themselves as both business partners and technology providers.

Last week Don Davis sat down with Pete Mento, former Global Head of Procurement & Products at Wayfair, to discuss the role carriers could play in the next decade and why their relationships with shippers are changing.

But what should their focus be and why?

In this week’s episode, you'll get to hear about:

Opportunities for standardization and innovation
Market reactions to the global recession
The biggest objectives of shippers today
How carriers should look at differentiation

And plenty more 🔥 advice!


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NYSHEX Market Intelligence with Lars Jensen from Vespucci Maritime - 9/21/22

History may not repeat itself, but it most certainly rhymes.

Last week Donald Davis sat down with the esteemed Lars Jensen to discuss what has been happening in the markets and what to expect going forward. Strikes, disruptions, reduced capacity, rate changes, IMO, new alliances. This episode covers a ton and provides some market context that you won't want to miss.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to stay up to date, go give it a listen.

In this week’s episode, you'll get to hear about:

The next 12 months for spot and contract rates

Carrier alliance and potential scenarios for networks next

New capacity and the outlook for IMO 2023

Golden Opportunities for Inbound and Track and Trace for Carriers - 9/15/22

How are shippers thinking about this market?

With everything going on from freight strikes to rates slipping, we sat down with James Thatcher from Totes Isotoner to hear how one shipper is handling the changes and strategizing for the future.

Don Davis asks the important questions as always on moving containers, carrier differentiation, and whether new services affect shippers perspectives when picking carriers.

In this week’s episode, you'll get to hear about:

Changes in the industry since 2020

Tactical solutions to moving containers inland

Cost-benefit analysis between higher rates and better services

Carrier differentiation and technology for shippers

And plenty more 🔥 advice!

The Future of Ocean Contracting | NRF 2022 Panel Session - 8/23/22

One of the biggest challenges in the supply chain for retailers and cargo owners has been the fluctuations in the ocean market and the significant variability in contract performance. As rates and fees continue to adjust, what can retailers do to secure predictability and performance reliability?

Hear from Matt Marshall from NYSHEXJenny Bartolf from BARK, and Sherry Liu from to hear what to expect in the future of ocean contracting and how forward-thinking retailers are shifting their strategies. 

#logistics #technology

NYSHEX Market Intelligence with Peter Tirschwell from S&P Global - 8/12/22

Knowledge doesn’t always translate to power.

In fact, most supply chains struggle to make sense of the massive influx of data and events that occur in global shipping at any given moment.

So Don Davis tried to make it easy for you.

If you’re looking to get your knowledge straight from the tap, check out our latest episode with Peter Tirschwell from S&P Global (who recently merged with the JOC and IHS Markit) to get an update on labor negotiations and more!

In this week’s episode, you'll get to hear about:

Takeaways from TPM 2022

Demand outlook for the remainder of 2022

ILWU, PMA, and OSRA updates for the industry

IMO 2023 and the new fuel ratings

And plenty more 🔥 advice!

How to Design a Modern NVO Strategy for Global Shipping - 8/2/22

Let’s talk NVO strategy.

This week Don Davis sat down with Benton Kauffman, SVP of Transpacific Ocean at DSV, and Konrad Torzewski, Senior Director of Account Management, NVO at NYSHEX to talk about the past, present, and future of NVOCCs.

If you rely on NVOs as a key part of your supply chain strategy, you’ll want to give this one a listen.

In this week’s episode, you'll get to hear about:

Defining the modern NVOCC for the industry
The evolution of NVOCCs over the last decade
Becoming an “NVO of Choice”
How to manage both shipper and carrier relationships

Say Goodbye to Unreliable Shipping with Gordon Downes | Let's Talk Supply Chain Podcast - 7/27/22

Today I’m joined by NYSHEX, a leading shipping technology company that is creating reliable ocean shipping through effective digital contracts.

NYSHEX was built to restore trust and reliability in global trade. As the leader in two-way committed contracts, their neutral exchange unites shippers and carriers with a predictable, efficient, and accountable system for global commerce.

Today Gordon Downes, co-founder and CEO at NYSHEX, joins me to chat all about the company: what they do; the current challenges faced by the shipping industry; the importance of collaborative relationships; and how improving supply chain reliability will revolutionize the industry.


Cold Chains, IOT, and the Future of Wireless in Global Shipping - 7/19/22

Do you like strawberries?

Even if you don’t, odds are that some of the food you’re going to eat today arrived in your country in a shipping container. Temperature-controlled supply chain networks are an integral part of global trade and last week we sat down with Steve Statler from Wiliot to discuss the future of cold chains and how they are being operated today.

If you’re looking for a fascinating episode that puts our day-to-day into the perspective of supply chain management, look no further.

In this week’s episode, you'll get to hear about:

IoT and how digital technology is being integrated into supply chains

The environmental impact of cold chain technologies

How the future of IoT and supply chain may merge

Successful companies using IoT and wireless technology to manage freight

And plenty more 🔥 - I mean, 🥶 - advice!


Logistics LogisticsTech #oceanshipping #supplychain  #oceanperformance

The NYSHEX Story with Gordon Downes | The Logistics of Logistics Podcast - 7/21/22

From The Logistics of Logistics Podcast:

Gordon Downes and Joe Lynch discuss the NYSHEX story. Gordon is the Co-founder and CEO at NYSHEX, a company that exists to help restore trust and reliability to global trade so everybody wins.

Digital Infrastructure - The Pipes and Plumbing of the Global Shipping Market - 6/29/22

Digital infrastructure is all around us.

But it hasn’t always been that way. From the backbone of the internet to the evolution of cloud services, many other industries have witnessed periods of rapid digitization in order for opportunity, growth, and innovation to be experienced.

This week we sat down with the Co-Founder and CEO of NYSHEXGordon Downes, and Executive Chairman, Jesper Præstensgaard, to discuss how the global shipping industry has reached a tipping point toward establishing common standards through harmonized digital infrastructure.

In this week’s episode, you'll get to hear about:

What digital infrastructure looks like today and how it relates to global shipping

The evolution of digital infrastructure over the last twenty years

Why digital infrastructure is essential to any market

How global shipping is entering a new age of harmonized digitization

How Women in Shipping Are Revolutionizing Global Supply Chains - 6/16/22

According to Gartner, women account for only 15% of executive-level roles in the supply chain workforce.

So this week Don sat down with three mavericks from the industry: Krissy Van Niekerk of MaerskApril Zobel from The Andersons, and Karin Bridges from NYSHEX to discuss their experience as women working in the shipping industry and the importance of bringing diverse perspectives to the executive table.

It’s one of the best talks we’ve had surrounding #ESG in global shipping and proved super insightful for our own team, so go give it a listen!

In this week’s episode, you'll get to hear about:

How global shipping can continue to empower women

Strategies on how to navigate the industry as a woman

Why diversity at the executive level leads to innovation

The future of communities for women in shipping

Key Tactics in Allocation and Forecasting for Shippers and Carriers - 5/31/22

It’s a bittersweet moment for the Supply Chain Secrets team.

In this episode, we say farewell to our co-host and friend, Bryan Most, as he departs for his new endeavor. While Donald Davis and Bryan reminisce we also welcome Lynn Wong to the show to discuss new allocation management strategies being developed by enterprise shippers today.

There’s a ton of great insight in this episode and it’s a sneak peek of what’s to come this season on Supply Chain Secrets.

In this week’s episode, you'll get to hear about:
Where Bryan is headed next in his journey
Allocation and forecasting methods of shippers in 2021
How supply chains are rethinking allocation tools via contracting
Common pain points among shippers and carriers

And plenty more 🔥 advice!


Logistics LogisticsTech #oceanshipping #supplychain  #oceanperformance

How Carriers Create Sustainable Business Models and Introduce Green Solutions to Market - 4/13/22

Promise and action.

Last week Don and Bryan sat down with Gary Downes, Product Owner of Maersk Eco Delivery at A.P. Moller - Maersk, to talk about the green solutions that Maersk and other carriers are beginning to deploy in maritime shipping. This is a bit of a follow-up from our previous episode with Lee Kindberg, where we cover some of the products and solutions carriers offer shippers in today’s market and how they have a direct impact on both the environment and cost.

If you’re interested in sustainability and the green wave that is rolling through our industry, this is for you.

In this week’s episode, you'll get to hear about:

The environmental impacts of the shipping industry and how they are measured

What costs carriers and shippers incur with their green initiatives

Multiple pathways to net-zero emissions and determining which is best for your business

Top carbon strategies for shippers and how they gain traction

How Trade Associations Enable Supply Chains to Capture Growth - 3/30/22

What can trade associations do for our industry?

Dan is an expert on bridging the gap between trade associations and high-growth companies. His deep understanding of policy and regulatory influence on industries has shaped his approach to organizational relevance and growth. Through his own management experience—and nearly a decade advising association clients—Dan has applied his data-driven strategic process to the business and market challenges of trade groups and the companies they represent.

This episode is a fantastic deep dive into how strategic partnerships can provide solutions for entire industries and help to heal markets.

In this week’s episode, you'll get to hear about:

Why trade associations won’t hurt your competitive advantage

The process of re-shoring and what it means for global trade

Legislative and regulatory policies impact on ocean shipping

The frameworks used by CEO’s who leverage trade associations

Pre-competitive solutions that allow industries to innovate

TPM Recap 2022: How Successful Supply Chains Are Handling Today's Market - 3/14/22

The results from TPM are in!


Donald Davis and Bryan Most are back after spending time at one of their favorite events of the year, #TPM22, and they’ve got plenty to talk about. If you didn’t get a chance to be in-person with everyone this year (or were frazzled by the sheer number of exciting conversations had in Long Beach), don’t worry – our latest episode has got you covered.


Consider it the highlight reel.

In this week’s episode, you'll get a recap on: 

Key takeaways from conversations at TPM

How emerging technologies are infiltrating the industry

Whether a “return to normal” is good for ocean shipping

Shipper and carrier strategies to consider this year


Form Title

How Crocs Optimized Their Supply Chain for Reliability and Cost in 2021 - 2/15/22

Shoes, supply chains, and strategy.


Last week we sat down with Mary McNelly and Greg Mau, two innovative leaders on the logistics team at Crocs, to discuss how they handled disruptions and found success in importing over 100 million pairs of shoes in 2021 alone. As always, Don and Bryan asked the tough questions and teased out some shipper solutions you won’t want to miss.

In this week’s episode, you'll get to hear about: 

The value of a strong brand when disruptions occur
The biggest challenges US importers face today
How to get your executive team to embrace logistics change
Using flexible and committed multi-year contracts for growth
Best practices as a top BCO in ocean shipping

 And plenty more 🔥 advice!


👇Here are the timestamps for their discussion👇

00:00 – Introductions

07:30 – The value of brand in Croc’s global growth

11:30 – Croc’s biggest challenge as a BCO in today’s market

15:00 – Best practices as a leading shipper

21:00 – How to get your executives to embrace change

25:00 – How to maintain a strategic advantage throughout disruptions

33:30 – Becoming a shipper-of-choice through flexible contracting

41:00 – Advice for the industry on innovation and growth