Company Overview


Uniting shippers, carriers, and NVOCCs with a reliable and trusted system for global commerce.

NYSHEX is the digital infrastructure for global shipping. Our platform unites shippers, carriers, and forwarders with a reliable, efficient, and trusted system for global commerce.

We’re building a better tomorrow; we are a truly revolutionary company that’s transforming the logistics space for good. We are providing market infrastructure to help restore trust and reliability and make global trade work so everyone wins.

Our Vision

NYSHEX’s vision is to become the digital and financial infrastructure for all modes of shipping. The result is global commerce that’s more efficient, stable, and predictable.

Meet the Team

I’m one of the quarterbacks for member acquisition and am responsible for bringing in new logos and leaders in the industry to our doors. I think my favorite part about working for NYSHEX is that we are distributing a new strategy that adds stability to every business and their supply chain. The value of these contracts is undeniable, and I’m glad I get to provide this kind of solution to those seeking relief in the industry.

Lisa Gelles Sales Director

As an Account Manager, I’m responsible for onboarding new members, guiding them through their relevant service details and contract terms, and remaining their dedicated NYSHEX representative until the contract is fulfilled. The most rewarding aspect of the job is helping our members find guaranteed space and equipment with a level of service reliability they haven’t been able to achieve prior. As disruptions continue, I truly believe having a two-way committed contract is the best way for a business to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Matthew K Smith Account Manager

I’ve worked at NYSHEX for about two years now. I was hired as a front-end engineer and now lead the Tactical R&D team which is responsible for most of the integration work done across the organization. I have a background working in investment banking and what I love about NYSHEX is the tangible problem we are solving in global commerce and ocean shipping. I love that I get to work with some of the smartest and kindest people in the industry, especially on applications that our members from around the world find value from every day.

Sharmi Swaroop Senior Software Engineer

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