Our Values

Make an Impact

As people who work at NYSHEX, and as a company, we wake up every morning and want to make a difference. We are passionate about transforming our industry and we think outside of the box to innovate. Before we take on any task or project, we ask ourselves why we are doing it, and specifically what impact we will make toward achieving our goals and our mission. At all levels throughout the organization, we lead by example and roll up our sleeves to do the real work.

Build Trust

Our mission is to make shipping more reliable, and the way we achieve this is by helping carriers and shippers to trust one another. Carriers and shippers also must trust us fully, and so we will not do anything that might undermine the trust of our members, colleagues and stakeholders.

Furthermore, trust is built by consistently doing what we say we’re going to do, and failing to do so destroys trust. This also undermines our ability to depend on one another, which prohibits collaboration.

Collaborate and Grow

At NYSHEX we are fundamentally changing the way contracting works in an age-old industry. The only way we will succeed in our mission at NYSHEX is if we collaborate, both internally and externally. By being collaborative we work together to understand one another’s perspectives, and we strive to find win-win outcomes wherever possible.

Debate, Decide, Unite

Especially when making difficult decisions, healthy debates based on data and logic are to be encouraged. If any one of us has a different point of view, we owe it to our colleagues and our stakeholders to share that point of view. At NYSHEX, we debate, decide and unite.

Challenge Respectfully

We are all people, we all have feelings, and none of us are perfect. Sometimes we can see that a colleague needs to do better at something. As members of the same team, we all have an obligation to challenge each other to do the best we can. Yet, every challenge must be made respectfully in the spirit of helping one another to develop and grow.

Competitive Benefits, Great Perks

Health Insurance

Paid Parental Leave

Unlimited PTO

Quarterly Company Offsites

401K with 4% Match

Learning Opportunities

What our team loves about NYSHEX

“I love working at a place where you can actually feel the excitement every day. The team is incredible, and every individual genuinely loves what they do. They are passionate. I can see the impact of my work daily. It’s not just a place to come for a paycheck. It’s a place where you can not only contribute, but actually see the results of your contributions daily.”

Konrad Torzewski Senior Director of Account Management, NVO

“I’ve always wanted to work at a company that was solving a tangible problem. I think what allows me to stay motivated and hungry with my work is that drive to see change in the world around me. The team here is aligned in that motivation. I think we’re all sort of in love with the idea that we can really make an impact together.”

Max Donaldson Content Marketing Manager

“After almost 20 years working at a major ocean carrier, I am thrilled to be a part of driving changes in the Shipping Industry that benefit the entire shipment life cycle and all parties involved.”

Karin Bridges VP of Global Operations

“For me, it has been fascinating to combine 15 years of logistics experience with an ever-deepening understanding of fundamentals from financial markets and cutting-edge tech solutions. Through persistence and with the industry supporting us, we are seeing ocean shipping transform for the better.  My colleagues are the best of the best in logistics, tech, and finance and we are passionate about making a huge impact!”

Kimberly Cockrell VP of Sales

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