2nd Annual

Ocean Strategy Forum

This event took place on
Thursday, November 3rd, 2022
in New York City, New York.

Ocean Strategy Forum 2022

OSF is an interactive, invite-only forum for executives to meet and discuss strategies in preparation for the upcoming contracting season. For each topic selected by forum participants in advance, expert panelists provide perspectives, then participants break into groups to delve deeper into the challenges and potential solutions.

The day kicked off with a round of educational sessions and panels. After lunch, attendees were divided into breakout groups to workshop industry challenges and come up with solutions.

2nd Annual Ocean Strategy Forum

We curated a list of industry experts to come together and learn, network, have discussions and brainstorm solutions to challenges in global shipping, and to get ahead of the 2023 contracting season. Our attendees and speakers included thought leaders, executives and other experts from across the global shipping industry.

Container Shipping Market Outlook

Hear from industry expert Lars Jensen on how the container shipping industry is expected to shift and what you need to know to be best prepared for the 2023 contracting season and beyond.

The Pandemic's Impacts on Contracting

The Pandemic has had a significant impact on the container shipping industry. Hear different perspectives on how regulators, ocean carriers, NVOCCs, and BCOs expect the industry to move forward and which trends are here to stay.

Data & Technology to Support Your Contracting Process

Hear from the experts on new data standards, FMC data requirements, and which technology themes to be aware of when developing your contracting strategy.

Broader Considerations For Contracting: Ports, Truck Owners and Warehousing

This panel featured perspectives on contracting from various supply chain experts including ocean terminals, warehouses, and drayage providers.

The Future of Container Shipping

Hear from Marc Levinson, Author of The Box and Outside The Box, on the container shipping industry’s future. Combining his experience as a historian, economist, and journalist, he makes complex economic issues understandable, so you can move forward with confidence.

Learn to think Outside the Box through a lively history of globalization that points to a new era in which trading ideas and services will come to matter more than transporting goods in metal boxes around the globe.


“It was very valuable and very well executed”.

Thomas Bagge

Anupa Pradham

Sealink International Inc

“I enjoy that this is the one platform where all the different players involved in supply chain come together”.

Matthew Chicalace

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

“NYSHEX team once again you have outdone yourselves. I didn’t think last year’s Forum could be beat and you just did that. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next year. We truly appreciate the invite and will continue to look at where we can grow together as partners”.