Reducing Supply Chain Risk With a Diversified Portfolio of Contracts

Beyond paying significantly higher contract rates, how can cargo owners lock in more contracted capacity?

Join us for a round table discussion to learn how shippers are utilizing two-way committed ocean contracts to secure space and equipment and enhance supply chain reliability in 2021.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The key factors shippers should keep in mind as they prepare their annual contracts.
  • How shippers are experiencing greater reliability and more predictable landed cost through two-way committed ocean contracts.
  • How carriers are incorporating two-way committed ocean contracts into their strategy this year and helping them provide a reliable service to their customers.
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      "NYSHEX is the alternative that shippers, carriers, and NVO’s can all effectively and easily exercise to increase the reliability of their supply chains. Reliability in the market has deteriorated and the traditional “roll vs. spot” i.e. pay to play, has become either less effective, or more expensive. Having a guaranteed, digital contract, managed and enforced by a neutral third party is an innovative solution to an age-old industry problem."

    • Nick Fafoutis CCO , CMA CGM AMERICA

      "The CMA CGM group has a heavy interest in what the digital future looks like for container shipping. We believe that digital innovation enables us to provide new options to our customers making it easier to do business with us. This is why CMA CGM made the founding member investment in NYSHEX."

    • Gordon Downes CEO , NYSHEX

      Gordon Downes is the CEO of New York Shipping Exchange, Inc. Gordon has well-balanced perspective from all sides of the shipping industry. Prior to joining NYSHEX, Gordon was an executive at SABMiller, a large multi-national shipper. He has also held numerous leadership positions at Maersk Line, the world's largest shipping line, and DAMCO, a global freight forwarder.