How to hedge against volatility with multi-year ocean contracts
multi-year ocean contracts

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How to hedge against volatility with multi-year ocean contracts

With all the market challenges and more to come, shippers need to be proactive to avoid future disruptions. Join our upcoming webinar to learn why shippers are starting to sign multi-year contracts to rebuild confidence and stability in the supply chain operations and create an insurance policy for their highest priority lanes. In this webinar, […]

The Future of Shipping: Post-Pandemic With Lars Jensen

The container shipping industry has fundamentally changed with carriers becoming far more disciplined with their capacity than ever before. Watch our round table discussion with Lars Jensen  to understand the landscape of the container shipping industry in 2021 and what you need to know to be best-prepared for the upcoming contract season. In this webinar, Lars will […]

How to Limit the Impact of International Supply Chain Volatility

Chris Sultemeier, Former EVP of Global Logistics at Walmart shared how major retailers are anticipating volatility in the container freight markets, and the strategies they are implementing to minimize the impact on their supply chains. In the webinar, Chris will cover: How to identify the gaps in your process from 2020 The actions you should execute […]

How to Become a “Shipper of Choice” With Your Carrier Partner

Now more than ever, getting better access to capacity and reasonable freight rates is essential to maintaining a reliable supply chain. It used to be true that having a large volume of freight is what makes a shipper desirable to carriers. While that often doesn’t hurt, it’s not enough anymore. Watch our webinar with Bryan […]

Reducing Supply Chain Risk With a Diversified Portfolio of Contracts

Beyond paying significantly higher contract rates, how can cargo owners lock in more contracted capacity? Join us for a round table discussion to learn how shippers are utilizing two-way committed ocean contracts to secure space and equipment and enhance supply chain reliability in 2021. In this webinar, you'll learn: The key factors shippers should keep […]

The History of Container Shipping & Ocean Contracting

Have you ever wondered why some of the practices we have in container shipping today are so peculiar compared to many other industries? Well in order to understand where we're heading, we have to first understand where we came from. Join our fireside chat to learn about the history of liner conferences, and how that […]