Why the ILWU Labor Negotiations Should Be Top-of-Mind for Your Team

If you haven’t been keeping up with supply chain management news, it’s important to know that 2022 is bound to bring challenges to logistics, shipping ports and businesses across the West Coast. United States dockworkers and their management systems are about to engage in contract negotiations that could go on for months beginning with ILWU.  […]

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – June 8, 2021 – NYSHEX, a digital contracting platform championing compliance and reliability, announced today that Jeremy Haycock joined the company as Managing Director for Europe to establish operations across the continent. The Europe office, which will be based in the UK, will be launched the second half of 2021. […]

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Well, it’s hard to believe but April is here and if you are responsible for moving cargo in the Transpacific Eastbound trade lane, then you know annual contract season is coming to a close! While it has been noted that some shippers started and concluded their discussions earlier than normal this year, there are still […]

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3 Benefits of Using NYSHEX

Shippers want the utmost guarantees and reliability in their supply chain this year. There are three main ways that NYSHEX is helping them achieve this.

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