Why the ILWU Labor Negotiations Should Be Top-of-Mind for Your Team

If you haven’t been keeping up with supply chain management news, it’s important to know that 2022 is bound to bring challenges to logistics, shipping ports and businesses across the West Coast. United States dockworkers and their management systems are about to engage in contract negotiations that could go on for months beginning with ILWU.  […]

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Overview:             This week we met with Eric Johnson from the JOC, an expert on the technology sector within the supply chain and logistics industry. Eric shared with us his thoughts on each mode of the supply chain, where innovation and technology seem to be focused, and where VC and private equity are diverting their attention […]

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Overview:             This week we sat down with Jon Gold, VP of Supply Chain and Customs Policy at the National Retail Federation, to discuss his experience in the field and how the last two years of domestic demand have upended retail supply chains. Jon is uniquely qualified to discuss retail and global trade, as well as the machinations […]

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Faced with high-demand and the current market disruptions, many retailers are abandoning the traditional pattern of negotiating contracts with carriers in late winter and early spring, and instead are moving fast to lock in their contracts for all of 2022. Shippers seem to believe that swift action in advance of the ‘normal’ negotiating season could […]

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