Show Notes – Why Retailers and the Supply Chain Will Never Be the Same


            This week we sat down with Jon Gold, VP of Supply Chain and Customs Policy at the National Retail Federation, to discuss his experience in the field and how the last two years of domestic demand have upended retail supply chains. Jon is uniquely qualified to discuss retail and global trade, as well as the machinations in politics and DC that have had a direct effect on the way supply chain processes are managed domestically and abroad.

Key Topics:

  • NRF Big Show in January
  • The $1.2T Infrastructure Bill
  • Timeline for Infrastructural Changes
  • Successful Retailers in 2020
  • Consumer Demand and a Return to ‘Normal’ Timeline
  • How to Become a Carrier-of-Choice


  • Contracting cycles are now happening 6-9 months sooner than historically
  • Carriers continue to push for multi-year contracts to extend profits
  • Shippers moving proactively against the market and attempting to get ahead of rates
  • Just-in-time inventory methods are no longer as profitable
  • The shift from services to goods seems like it will carry into second half of 2022
  • NRF Big Show will be a great in-person opportunity to see how retailers are pivoting their strategies following the pandemic