Show Notes – How to Stay Informed and Engaged with Supply Chain Coverage in 2022


            This week we sat down with Executive Editor of the JOC, Mark Szakonyi, and got to discuss all-things media and how the dissemination of information in supply chains today is drastically different than it was a couple of years ago. Mark shared his experience and hope on where the industry may be headed and commented on the importance of educating the public on policy and best practices for both shippers and carriers. Ultimately, the age of information can also be ripe for misinformation, and Mark proposes that the way in which ocean logistics companies utilize the media will only grow in importance and impact.

Key Topics:

  • The detention/demurrage issues today
  • The JOC and how they cover events
  • How the consumption of media in the last two years has changed
  • The degrees of nuance in public policy
  • Incoming capacity and shifts in the market
  • Maritime reform and legislative bodies
  • TPM and the value it offers attendees


  • Carriers may be shifting their strategy toward premium service offerings following 2023
  • Supply chain media will continue to trend upward in 2022 and present both opportunities for education and potential obstacles for misinformation
  • Environment for volatility is going to continue to be strong amid any upcoming legislative changes
  • JOC reporting has found that carriers are preferring ‘shippers of choice’ in this market
  • Standards that the FMC could potentially enforce are still unclear and could be problematic for carrier networks in the long term