Show Notes – How to Solve Supply Chain Disruptions with Technology Today


            This week we met with Eric Johnson from the JOC, an expert on the technology sector within the supply chain and logistics industry. Eric shared with us his thoughts on each mode of the supply chain, where innovation and technology seem to be focused, and where VC and private equity are diverting their attention most aggressively. Eric also discussed TPM Tech 2022 and the benefits that attendees can expect to reap from such an exciting and fresh convention.

Key Topics:

  • Eric’s First Gig Covering the LA/LB Port News in 2002
  • The Supply Chain Evolution of the Early 2000’s
  • Technology Changes in the Last Two Years
  • How Disruptions Have Pushed the Industry Forward
  • Process & Timeline for Maritime Innovations
  • TPM Tech 2022 & The Future of the Supply Chain
  • Cost of Fuel + Market Rates
  • Repositioning Manufacturing + Nearshore Sourcing


  • Tech/digitization is moving aggressively into supply chain/logistics sector
  • Disruptions will be common, the differentiator for competition will be preparation
  • Containerized supply chains focusing on visibility, data, and reliability will begin to control the market
  • Last-mile/ocean shipping seem to be getting the majority of attention and funding
  • Carrier profits may be invested in M&A, clean energy compliance, increased service offerings