Show Notes – How Crocs Optimized Their Supply Chain for Reliability and Cost in 2021


            This week we sat down with Mary McNelly and Greg Mau of Crocs. Mary and Greg are two senior leaders of the Crocs supply chain and logistics team and shared with us their backgrounds and careers with the company. They discuss their pain points as a shipper, areas they believe have the biggest need for innovation, and lessons learned from the last two years of disruptions. We then discussed Croc’s ability to remain a “Shipper of Choice” in the industry and how their roles have evolved and pushed them to be more agile – even as a large BCO.

Key Topics:

  • The value of brand in Croc’s global growth strategy
  • Croc’s biggest challenges as a BCO in today’s market
  • Best practices to become a leading customer of choice
  • How to get your executive team to embrace change
  • How to maintain a strategic advantage through disruptions
  • Using flexible contracting and multi-year deals to forecast
  • Advice for the industry on innovation


  • Crocs shipped over 20,000 TEU’s across more than 30 port pairs in 2021
  • Success for the Crocs team came from early conversations with their direct carriers and NVO’s on how to be flexible so both parties could deliver amid disruptions
  • Education and stakeholder alignment/management should be a top priority for logistics teams in 2022
  • Long-term partnerships over transactional relationships have allowed BCO’s to introduce stability into their forecasting models and become more attractive to carriers