Show Notes – The Beginning of 2022 Contract Season: What We Know Today


            This week we discussed the evolving market in response to Carrier’s revenue results. Opportunities for Shippers to enter multi-year contracts with Carriers seem to be encouraged across the industry as capacity is still tight and inventory levels are struggling to be replenished. Looming labor and environmental regulations could exacerbate the congestion issues we see, pushing relief farther down the calendar. Overall, spot-market rate levels may drop slightly but we expect the current conditions to flow into Q2 of 2022, and potentially much farther.

Key Topics:

  • Maersk Results
  • Carrier Strategy into 2022/2023
  • Multi-Year Contracts for 2022/2023
  • BCO’s Position in the Current Market
  • NVO’s Position in the Current Market
  • Emissions Regulations in 2022
  • Labor Disputes in 2022
  • Timelines for Contract Cycles
  • Rate Level Changes in 2022/2023


  • Maersk is committing 64% of contracts to multi-year 
  • Other Carriers are now starting to push for multi-year contracts
  • Shippers should be aiming for “Shipper-of-Choice” status going into 2022/2023
  • NVO’s should be used by Shippers for a segment of their supply chain volume in 2022
  • The potential labor disputes in 2022 could cause congestion to drag out into 2023
  • Contracting cycles are now happening 6-9 months sooner than historically
  • Spot-rate levels may go down slightly, but long-term contract rates may stay elevated