Proven reliability

Shippers using NYSHEX deliver on the following results:

0% fulfillment of contract
0% landed cost certainty
0% exception resolution

Uniting shippers and carriers with a predictable, efficient, and accountable system for global commerce

Clear contract terms

NYSHEX offers clear, customizable contracts where carriers and shippers are aligned on how they’re going to deliver on their commitments.

Avoid shortfalls

NYSHEX monitors every milestone to ensure that shipper and carrier know when contracts go off track and need corrective actions.

Save time with exception management

NYSHEX ensures exceptions are resolved fairly and systematically, saving carriers and shippers time, and avoiding damage to their relationships.

NYSHEX benefits

Supply chain reliability

Carriers consistently deliver 99% reliability on NYSHEX contracts.

freight costs

The price that shippers agree to in a NYSHEX contract is the price they pay.

Improved efficiency

Spend less time adjusting bookings and managing exceptions.

Hear from our members

“The beauty of NYSHEX is that we have solid contracts that will be signed electronically, and we no longer have to worry about the source of supply. That is a real game changer for us and for the industry.”

Arnold Kamler CEO & Chairman of the Board, Kent Bikes International

“I think what they’re (NYSHEX) providing is going to be necessary in the future to help facilitate global trade while still allowing BCOs, freight forwarders and NVOCCs to excel within their fields of expertise.”

David Underwood LCB Vice President, Global Operations, Dunavant

“NYSHEX is a hedge against freight exposure risk. When we foresee potential impact to our business, it just makes sense to mitigate that risk by having guarantees for a portion of our business. Even when there’s not any potential disruption on the horizon, it still pays to have a hedge. Anyone who’s been in shipping for a while knows there is no such thing as smooth sailing.”

Clayton Charles Container Traders, COFCO International

“Using NYSHEX has helped us mitigate our risk and many of the problems we experienced on direct contracts such as rolls, delays or getting a booking when we needed it. It’s given us more confidence in our carriers and allowed us to grow our volumes with them.”

April Zobel Logistics and Export Manager, The Andersons

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