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How Women in Shipping Are Revolutionizing Global Supply Chains

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According to Gartner, women account for only 15% of executive-level roles in the supply chain workforce.

So this week Don sat down with three mavericks from the industry: Krissy Van Niekerk of Maersk, April Zobel from The Andersons, and Karin Bridges from NYSHEX to discuss their experience as women working in the shipping industry and the importance of bringing diverse perspectives to the executive table.

It’s one of the best talks we’ve had surrounding #ESG in global shipping and proved super insightful for our own team, so go give it a listen!

In this week’s episode, you’ll get to hear about:

✔️ How global shipping can continue to empower women

✔️ Strategies on how to navigate the industry as a woman

✔️ Why diversity at the executive level leads to innovation

✔️ The future of communities for women in shipping

And plenty more 💪 🙋‍♀️ advice!

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