Supply Chain Secrets

How to Stay Informed and Engaged with Supply Chain Coverage in 2022

- Nyshex




If it bleeds, it leads.

In preparation for #TPM22 and TPM Tech, Donald Davis and Bryan Most sat down with Mark Szakonyi, Executive Editor for the JOC, to talk about the influx of information and media buzz that is currently engrossing supply chains. They also reflect on how industry leaders and organizations can better provide audiences and customers with practical advice and accurate coverage in the coming years.

Whether or not you plan on being in Long Beach in two weeks, you’ll want to give this episode a listen to hear about:

✔️ How has the consumption of media in the supply chain industry evolved?
✔️ Capturing nuance and predicting where the industry is headed
✔️ Will incoming capacity cause major shifts in the market?
✔️ How live events and TPM deliver value to the industry
✔️ Maritime reform and potential legislation changes in the industry

And plenty more sage advice!

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