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How to Create Trust and Transparency in Your Ocean Contracting Process

- Nyshex




When Jewel Jennings-Wright worked at the Federal Maritime Commission, a lot of shippers, carriers, and NVOs would come into the commission to voice their concerns around contract disputes.

The challenge was more often than not the shipper and carrier were not aligned on the terms and conditions of their contracts.

It seemed to her, the contracts in question did not have clear obligations, and it was almost like the two parties were having completely different conversations about the problems they were facing under one contract.

In our latest episode, Don and Bryan sit down with Jewel Jennings-Wright, Head of Compliance at NYSHEX, to discuss how shippers and carriers can create trust and transparency in their ocean contracting process.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  1. The main challenges both shippers and carrier face when it comes to contract compliance.
  2. How to create clarity and trust in your contracts to ensure your supply chain runs smoothly.
  3. An inside look at NYSHEX’s governance structure and how its sets shippers and carriers up for fair and transparent contracting.


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