Supply Chain Secrets

How Long Term Solutions Are Recalibrating the Supply Chain

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This week Donald Davis and Bryan Most sat down with our new SVP of Commercial, Matt Marshall, to talk all-things-supply-chain.

Matt, a former Deloitte consultant who worked previously at Flexport as Head of Global Key Accounts, shared his insight on the deals being struck today and the future of ocean contracting in a fresh and insightful way.

This week you’ll get nothing but solid strategic thinking from these three mavericks.

In this episode, they discuss:

✔️ Multi-Year Advice for Shippers
✔️ How to Customize Contracts for Performance in 2022
✔️ Carrier Focus on Long-Term Deals After 2021
✔️ End-to-end Reliability and the Cost of Non-Performance

And plenty of more 🔥 topics!

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