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Supply Chain Secrets

How Long Term Solutions Are Recalibrating the Supply Chain

November 19, 2021  NYSHEX

This week Donald Davis and Bryan Most sat down with our new SVP of Commercial, Matt Marshall, to talk all-things-supply-chain.

Matt, a former Deloitte consultant who worked previously at Flexport as Head of Global Key Accounts, shared his insight on the deals being struck today and the future of ocean contracting in a fresh and insightful way.

This week you’ll get nothing but solid strategic thinking from these three mavericks.

In this episode, they discuss: 

✔️ Multi-Year Advice for Shippers
✔️ How to Customize Contracts for Performance in 2022
✔️ Carrier Focus on Long-Term Deals After 2021
✔️ End-to-end Reliability and the Cost of Non-Performance

And plenty of more 🔥 topics!

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