Supply Chain Secrets

The Challenges Facing The European Container Shipping Market (And How to Address Them)

- Nyshex




If you look at the challenges the European market is facing, you’ll see a true copy of what’s happening in the US.

So the question becomes how can European shippers solve some of the structural issues that are plaguing them?

In this episode, Bryan and Don sit down with Jeremy Haycock, Managing Director of Europe for NYSHEX and former Managing Director of UK and Ireland for Maersk to diagnose the challenges that European shippers are facing and strategies to mitigate disruptions.

You’ll learn about:

  1. What Jeremy believes is the number #1 issue in the European Market.
  2. Why Jeremy believes multi-year ocean contracts are going to become more common in Europe.
  3. Why Jeremy decided to leave his amazing role at Maersk to join NYSHEX.

And much more!


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