Learn how Kent International utilized NYSHEX to bring a higher level of certainty to their supply chain than they’ve ever had before.

The Challenge

Kent International, an importer and one of the largest bike companies in the world, built its reputation and client relationships on their ability to deliver. Their high-profile clients – Walmart, Target, Amazon and Academy just to name a few – demand that the hottest and best bikes are in stock when their customers are ready to ride.

In recent years the importer has battled with ocean carriers to respect the contracts they jointly agree to and provide reliable services. The non-binding nature of today’s ocean contracts means their containers can be delayed without consequence, which puts Kent in a bind. If the company’s cargo is not shipped according to schedule, factories in China back up all the way to the assembly line resulting in increased costs and the dissatisfaction of their clients.

The NYSHEX Solution

The two-way enforceable commitments of contracting through NYSHEX has enabled Kent to bring a higher level of certainty to their supply chain than they’ve ever had before. By coordinating with their origin office and manufacturer, Kent identified a weekly, fixed volume amount they want to have guaranteed by their carriers through NYSHEX. NYSHEX provides Kent with the reliability and the accountability they demand. They no longer worry about the source of supply nor risk having to resort to expensive airfreight. They can contract and move on, knowing their cargo will be protected.

Kent’s Results

Through partnership with NYSHEX, Kent now has solid contracts that they know will be honored. Having found a proven solution for contract enforceability, Kent has now made NYSHEX part of their overall ocean procurement strategy.

“The beauty of NYSHEX is that we have solid contracts that will be signed electronically and we no longer have to worry about the source of supply. That is a real game changer for us and for the industry.”

Arnold Kamler
CEO & Chairman of the Board

Say Goodbye to Unreliable Shipping

Start using NYSHEX today to add reliability to your supply chain.