Proven reliability

Shippers using NYSHEX deliver on the following results:

0% fulfillment of contract
0% landed cost certainty
0% exception resolution

Uniting shippers and carriers with a predictable, efficient, and accountable system for global commerce

Maximize vessel utilization

Through NYSHEX, carriers can better optimize their vessels. Because both parties have made commitments to space, rates, and volume, carriers can count on customers showing up with the cargo they booked.

Avoid booking downfalls

With shipper default rate of less than 1%, carriers can avoid chasing down contracted cargo and focus on acquiring new business and providing value-add services.

Improve customer relationships

Taking the uncertainty out of the shipping contracts enables carriers to provide better service to their existing clients. It breeds trust between both parties and shows that you are committed to prioritizing the customer.

NYSHEX benefits

Carrier network optimization

Carriers consistently deliver 99% reliability on NYSHEX contracts.

Predictable revenue streams

The price that shippers agree to in a NYSHEX contract is the price they pay.

Improved efficiency

Spend less time adjusting bookings and managing exceptions.

Hear from our carrier partners

“NYSHEX has allowed us understand what our volumes and flow are going to be, plan equipment, and understand what we’re going to load on our ship on a week-in week-out basis.”

Nick Fafoutis Chief Commercial Officer

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